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If I am not reading or cooking, I am thinking or dreaming about it. I love to read and finish about a book a day on average. I love to cook and discover new recipes as well as share my creations. The other thing I spend time on is my crafting; knit, crochet, needlepoint, cross stitch, sewing, beading, soap making, and etc...

Book Piracy is EVIL

I have a VERY SERIOUS concern to share and ask for your help with.


There is a website STEALING from at least 15 (confirmed) of my favorite authors. Romance, Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy, no genre seems immune. Big authors and little, well established and independent... it is HORRID.


That is right. STEALING. I am talking PIRACY people.


They are stealing intellectual property, income, and devaluing the hard work these authors put in to entertain us.



They are selling books without an author's permission or knowledge.


So far I know for sure (confirmed via author) that more than15 of MY authors are definitely being cheated along with dozens more that friends on other Street Teams have contacted. I am not done yet either...


So PLEASE... I want you to NOT buy from this site. (Hello - that would be SO WRONG)

I also request that you look up any authors that you are on a street team for or just plain love or respect... and if they are on this site; let them know too.

Send them a PM please. You do not know how some sheeple will react to a buy link... we do not need to make the problem worse by getting the pirates customers now do we?


This piracy is wrong, it is CRIMINAL, and it is mean. Let's stop them!




If you care about your authors and their ability to AFFORD to continue to provide us with the quality and consistency of entertainment; don't buy from PIRATES and do report them!


That's my rant.