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If I am not reading or cooking, I am thinking or dreaming about it. I love to read and finish about a book a day on average. I love to cook and discover new recipes as well as share my creations. The other thing I spend time on is my crafting; knit, crochet, needlepoint, cross stitch, sewing, beading, soap making, and etc...

Ugh. Negative Reviews

I VERY very rarely give a negative review to a book.  I can think of 2 really truly bad reviews I have ever posted anywhere.  I truly have to feel so strongly that the book is awful or evil to be that negative.

Today I posted the 2nd.

I almost feel sick putting my displeasure out there.

I just cannot see anybody else paying for and wasting their time though, when it is just that bad of a book...

What is worse though, is this time I was especially motivated by my sense of what is right and wrong.

The author actually went into Amazon and Goodreads and personally attacked each and every single negative review.  Anyone not giving her book full stars was told they had not read the book and in many cases they were told... we know who you are and just creepy veiled threats.

THIS is so completely UNACCEPTABLE.

I know I can look forward to the same gestapo treatment.

I did what was right though and hopefully someone will think twice and not waste their time or money because I warned them.